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Press Release 04.04.2019 Boca Raton Florida, Seattle WA USA, Hangzhou China.

Trump puts Amazon, Alibaba on notice

VERITY International, Ltd. has the solution to Verify President Donald Trump’s Wednesday 04.03.2019 Notice to Amazon, eBay and Alibaba, and other online marketplaces, signing a memorandum that aims to curb the sale of counterfeit items online.

"This is a shot across the bow to those companies. If you don't clean it up, then the government will," Trump trade advisor Peter Navarro told reporters.

Verity’s recently engaged in an agreement with EPEM (1) for an exclusive provision and Agreement (2) to validate and provide custom Made in USA Certified® and Product of USA Certified® Country of Origin Labeling "COOL" Claims for US-made products and services through industry-leading verification and validation services regarding imports into China.

Providing balance and transparency for the U.S. | China Trade  Agreement.

The Advanced Technology from this the Joint Venture will be to provide COOL verification for both import and export from the Chinese market for complete transparency using Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Made in USA Certified®

(1) EPEM is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Chinese Government Commercial Network Construction and Development Center.

(2)  Agreement is exclusive for verification and validation services for the official “Made in China Certified™” claim to increase the perceived quality and brand of Chinese products in the international market.

Included in agreement VERITY has an exclusive provision to provide all validation for Luxury Items, Country of Origin Label (COOL) verification and validation services regarding imports into China with “Made in USA and Product of USA Certified” claims, to help balance out and provide transparency for the U.S. | China Trade deficit and all countries COOL claims.


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